There are few things that fascinate me and others leave me thrilled.

One of my new years do’s if not resolution was to know my purpose and aim in this life.

I have been in quest of figuring my passion in life.

I sat down and asked a few questions to my self

  1. Who am I?
  2. What am I passionate about?
  3. What are the achievements I am most proud of?
  4. What am I most grateful for in life?
  5. What are the most important things to you in life?
  6. How would i describe myself?
  7. What are my values? What do I represent?
  8. Do you I love myself?
  9. … Why or Why not?
  10. How can I love myself more today?
  11. What is my ideal self? What does it mean to be my highest self?
  12. Looking at my life now, am I living the life of my dreams?
  13. If I where left with one year to live, what would I do? Differently?
  14. If I have one month left to live, what would I do?
  15. If I have one week left to live, what would I do?
  16. If I have one day left to live, what would I do?
  17. If I have an hour left to live, what would I do?
  18. If I   have one minute left to live, what would I do?
  19. What would I do today if there is no more tomorrow?
  20. What is the biggest things I’ve learned in life to date?

I sat down and in a nut shell this is just few words about me. My friends describe me as a sanguine very loud and I talk a lot .

I am a young lady trying to get most out of life because it’s a teacher, have learnt so many lessons. I thank God I have a family ,parents am able to look up to when I feel I cannot handle any thing along in life. When we where young we had big dreams I wanted to become a doctor but when the 8-4-4 system didn’t favor me I resulted to doing business administration concentration in Marketing and Finance.

When I graduated  from university last year what I  landed on first was Marketing  being my last option in college I admitted that I loved it  and my career began from there.

Every morning when I wake up am tempted to ask my self these question?

  • Is what I do my passion?
  • Do I do what I do because of money?
  • If tomorrow I woke up and was told no pay slip would I still continue doing  what I do or I would quit?
  • What does my heart yearn for?
  • If I woke up and my boss handed me a letter that they no longer need my services what would be my reaction? Am I prepared for better and worse?

If the answers to the above question is no then my life and your life need total revolution. I was told the difference between job and work is people who go to work daily are passionate about what they do but for those who say they have a JOB means Just Over Broke they are trying to make ends meet

I am proud of my achievements so far in life, not everyone likes to read the fact that I graduated last year was the biggest achievement so far and so year I yearn for more my MBA and PhD is coming soon.

The most important things in my life

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Friends
  4. My free time alone
  5. My sister

Am not living my dreams still am on my way and I believe and trust that one of these fine days I will be there.

If today I was left with one year to live I would devote myself to charity home and help those kids because one day that’s where I will be to bring love, laugh ,smile to their lives. One month I would visit major towns in the city and preach God’s word. For a week I would meet my friends daily and tell them how I care and love them, appreciate them for being in my life. If I was left with an hour I would like to spent it with my family it means a lot to me at the comfort of my parents am secure.

The biggest lessons I have learned in life so far are:

v     Treat people with dignity and respect them and everyone is important

v     Pride is a vice never ever be proud be humble

v     Attitude is everything.. being positive even when I don’t have to is equally important

v     We all start from somewhere …the people who live large and drive big cars started somewhere close to nil

v     There is nothing or any job that you will start from top to bottom .its vice versa my good friend told me the only job you start from top to bottom is only digging a hole J J

v     Listen to people even when you don’t have to just listen

We are worthy; important in this life and no matter what life has we have to enjoy every bit.

When life gives us bitter lemons we should make lemonades out of it




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