Growing old is must but growing up is a choice.
I set out clearly that I will find nurturing church and I found one thank God. Have had the most captivating series for a period of one month and each Sunday I look forward to the subsequent one.
I got a courtesy call from my best friend in primary school and High school last Sunday morning to pay a visit. I couldn’t miss my series and after the service headed to her house.
How we plan for our life’s’ is really amazing. God knows our destiny.
I must admit that its blessings to have someone in your life. My friend is now married!!!!!! When I stepped at her door I was welcomed by a young sweet angel. She looked sweet.

For once I was in disbelief and finally I accepted ……..it’s the joy of young one shouting mum….mommy…..what a blessing!!!
The talk we had was very mature our school days and how life is. We had a lot to catch up.
It finally hit me that Charles Dickens words have come to reality……. ‘Life is a series of partings and these are not empty partings for we share memories both bitter and sweet’
Congrats my friend, classmate and I wish you all the best in your marriage I am happy for you……………………….



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