I have had an amazing weekend and as I sit and reflect what has happened I thank God for having a great friend. I decided to have a weekend getaway and have ‘me’ time.
Glad that it went well; the reflections, advice I will forever be grateful.
Life’s little secrets in sentences;
1. FEAR GOD-always be in good terms with him no matter what
2. Be DISCIPLINED people will judge you for who you are
3. Help people; don’t help family people they will never appreciate you; go out and do an act of charity to someone who doesn’t know you a stranger; the bottom line is someone who will NEVER REPAY you back and will be GRATEFUL
4. Be content with the little you have and appreciate every bit of life.
5. Always associate with successful people. Those who have made it in life; whom you respect and can always look up for advice and draw strength.
6. Have PURPOSE in life; know what you want in this life; don’t let everyday become a routine wake up with ambition and strong will to face life no matter what it brings forth.
‘I want to define myself instead of letting other people define me’


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