My dear M

Dear M,
I hope this mail finds you well. I am fine as I hope you are.
Well it’s been long like three years when we lastly spoke?
I miss you big and I know you too miss me. What happened to our friendship relationship? You were my BEST FRIEND. How we used to talk everyday call each other and spent times together , we could not leave each other even when darkness fell I was be reluctant to go home.
The sound of crickets, birds and all animals is fresh on my mind like yesterday on how they sang for us cheering us for our then relationship friendship.
At times I take my phone to call you but in between I run out of energy and words. I know all is not ok between us the way it used to be. I must admit that I spent my teenage years very well with you. I enjoyed every second to its bit spent with you. How we used to go to same church together, attend camps and all events together. I never missed them not at all, because you were in my company. Even when there was a new constitution to be passed ,i applied and you proudly defended me to be a clerk when I was miles away. Forever I will be indebted by your generosity and openness with humility. Sometimes I think may be I did the wrong thing!!
You invited me for your graduation but sadly I could not attend it because I had an exam. I appreciated how all your family members used to like me and welcome me; truly you have wonderful brothers and sisters. Up to today they call me and ask me how i am what happened between us but i always say it’s beyond my explanation. For real I don’t know what happened and it’s like blame game where we keep on telling whoever asks us what happened to our friendship relationship to ask the other party. I don’t understand this.
Sources told me that all your brothers were asking where your ‘wife’ is and you could not tell. When my graduation arrived too you also made an excuse that you were booked by your friend to attend his wedding in coast. Well well no grudges I assumed you had a reason to just avoid my graduation.
Its funny how I had prepared to attend your graduation cards and presents up to date I still have the card I contemplate about throwing it away but I have not been able to.
What became of me? You may ask? Everything was going on well but one day I sat on my bed, filled my pillow with tears. I was afraid of leaving you. In you I was safe, I was comfortable but again I had my fears and concerns. I decided to make that decision alone without anyone. At that moment I was mature, and had to think big and foresee the future. I was afraid of being hurt so I ran away.
Today as I write this, I hope you stumble upon it and you may read, just accept it the way things changed rapidly. I have moved on….not that I found someone but I have responsibility that lies ahead of me, have to take care of my siblings am firstborn my brother just finished his form four and the results are out but the 8-4-4 system didn’t favor him that’s the baggage I carry out day- to-day(a story for another day).
I have decided to live one day at a time, be happy with my life each day I am willing to learn new fresh ideas.
I have met so many friends. They have gladly opened my mind and taught me my happiness and security doesn’t lie in anyone but in God and me. I am still myself and the person who decides my destiny is me.
Oh I did not mention that im in my single hood, defining myself, and more so trying to know my purpose in life which has been my biggest mission in 2012 and so may God help me.

Yours truly,
Vim&vigor gal


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