Things that annoy me

1. Failure to keep time-There is discipline in keeping time and I would appreciate it when people tell me that they won’t make it in time rather than dragging and showing up late after one hour. Over the weekend I invited a friend of mine to catch up in town. We were to meet at 2pm ended up showing at 3.15pm. I contemplated leaving but I held my patience unlike me but I was so pissed.Later on shows up with a group and no apologies but thanks have learnt a lesson
2. Complaining
– I decided to be a positive person and I hate being around pessimistic people. Those who decided never to see anything positive in life. I hate when someone keeps on comparing how life was yester years to todays’. There is inflation, cost of living is going up day after day, so when you keep on telling me this was kshs.2 and now its 20shs sorry I won’t look at you because we can do nothing to go back to what it used to be. Life is changing and the faster we accept the better. For God’s sake please even appreciate the free air you are using to talk ….its in appreciating the little we have and being content that God blesses us. Look around you and appreciate what you have and say THANK YOU.
3. Over reliance– I have many friends but AT TIMES its good to be on your own.
I hate it when you tell someone to meet you then later shows up with a group simply because he/she is afraid to walk alone. Yes that might be the reason but somewhere along the line in this life we have to discover that there comes a point when we have to do some things alone because human beings are prone to error and will always disappoint you no matter what. When I arrange with my friends to meet we catch up in town ,some minutes before the meeting I receive texts ‘I am sorry I cannot make it’ and you wonder if all along they knew they will never show up why didn’t they tell you. I don’t give it a damn so I meet one or two who have showed up. If we where to go for shopping and no one shows up I happily go alone because I will not be told how this cloth looks so bad when I know I like it.
4. Littering– I don’t know if it’s me or what I cant stand people who throw dirt, garbage and litter everywhere. It pains me because the responsibility of keeping environment clean lies between me and you. If we had had an account of responsibility litters and all sorts of dirt would be past tense. Thanks to my former University because if you had to litter then you were fined kshs 2,000 .it has taught me discipline
5. Pride– I don’t like people who show off no matter what. I always tell them the better if you ain’t noticed at all in the wrong motives by pinching peoples ‘nose’ and telling them ‘know people’ .Its been said pride goes before a great fall.


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