2014 has been the year I have always looked forward because I believe it holds great things for me?
Why ? 2013 Was one of the toughest years I have had and grown enormously.
I thank God for all that was on my table;
I have learned the following in 2013:

 Challenges will always be there in life
 No matter what life is God loves me Unconditionally
 The power of Family: I thank God for my family; they are AWESOME people I have
 Friends will see you through all the hard times no matter what
 God lifts you from grass to Grace
My highlights in 2013:
 Marked one year since I moved out: yes it wasn’t easy (November 2012) but through God’s grace I pulled through and have become a better me
o I don’t regret anything at all
 I got unexpected promotion and thanks to God
 Being in Good terms with my family and to extend those I never talked to…
 I thank God for the Christmas and the celebrations and two weeks for holiday that I got

I got lots of plan 2014 am highly energized, something good lies ahead.
To 2014 please be friendlier this is what I intend to achieve God willingly
• Go back to school
• FAMILY-Call Mom and dad more often –Give back to them
• Make New friends
• Learn to say Hello in 5 languages
• Be fearless
• Be a leader
• Travel to new places
• Trust my Instincts
• Write a story
• Be on time -Punctuality
• Broaden my horizons
• Go camping
• Knit a Mart
• Watch a movie in 3D
• Be happy
• Smell the roses
• Make More money
• Inspire
• Write a letter
• Appreciate the simple things
• Throw a party
• Meditate
• Perform random acts of kindness
• Be spontaneous
• Stand Tall in whatever I undertake
• Strike a conversation with strangers
• Wake up earlier
• Take the stairs not the escalator
• Apply for my dream job
• Watch the sunset
• Update my blog more often
• Do what I love
• Start a business
• Spend more time with myself


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