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He is a great God and his mercy endures forever.

I don’t take this for granted for he has enabled me see another year 2015.

2014 was an awesome year to say the least. I learnt many lessons and experienced his Grace totally.

I almost lost everything i had, but regained it in double. I was made whole.

Something profound speaks from my heart that 2015 is a year of God’s blessings and favor.

So what have I set to do?

That God may use me as his vessel-My Mantra

Verses for the year

He that endureth unto the end, the same shall be saved. Matthew 24:13

He is my defense; I shall not be moved. Psalms 62:6


I Pray that the following come a reality

  1. Go back to school and two utmost 3 different classes by end of 2015
  2. Make New friends
  3. Learn to say Hello in 5 different languages
  4. Travel outside Kenya
  5. Trust my Instincts
  6. Write a story
  7. Be on time –Punctuality
  8. Broaden my horizons in all dimensions
  9. Go camping
  10. Knit a Mart
  11. Smell the roses
  12. Write a letter
  13. Appreciate the simple things in Life
  14. Visit children’s Home and bless them
  15. Meditate more often
  16. Perform random acts of kindness
  17. Be spontaneous
  18. Be Humble
  19. Strike a conversation with strangers
  20. Take the stairs not the escalator
  21. Apply for my dream job and challenge myself
  22. Do what I love
  23. Start a business
  24. Spend more time with myself
  25. To share the story of my life and Settle down
  26. Go to church more often
  27. To speak passionately and fluent before a congregation of more than 300 people
  28. Make my environment a better place,being conversation starter,talking passionately about what i believe in
  29. Above all i will let God be in- charge of everything in my Life




Every now and then its good to take time……listen to your heart and the humming….
Take risk,an opportunity and decide no matter what comes out… you gave it a second chance.
The year 2014 has been exceptional…phenomenal,inspiring and life changing..to me.
Given another chance for the same year i wouldn’t change anything at all…from the challenges to the opportunities i have had.
A year i made a discovery of who i am…what my passion is all about and i am aiming towards it..
AGAIN am reminded by The Holy Book that inspires me and has been my guide for the year ;

I got even no words to express the joy in my heart….All I can say is thank you God.

So what did the 2014 have in store for me?

Highlights 2014

I did some classes on Emotional Intelligence; A key opening in my life and i don’t take this for Granted…Thank you Boss for entrusting me with this..

I got enough Job offers…This is Gods favour and had to turn them down

I finally got to understand my Passion and what my purpose is…the fire that ignites in me…what i can do for free even without payment

Had awesome times with Family  Its been a rap..Glad as one family and we even had a family get together

Key Learning in the year

Humble # Humble Humble
I have to be humble and God will bless me from Grass to grace

As far as resolutions am glad i met some

Go back to school..did it partly courtesy of my boss..thanks to God
• FAMILY-Call Mom and dad more often –Give back to them Glad I have
• Make New friends- met few
• Be fearless/Be a leader-Been bold and no apologies at all
• Travel to new places- I have …thanks to My Job..Mombasa,Homabay,Kendu Bay
• Broaden my horizons-Did a class that opened my world
• Watch a movie in 3D-Thanks I did
• Make More money thanks to God for Opening doors
• Throw a party;;; did for my birthday party
• Perform random acts of kindness-Practice more often
• Watch the sunset—Thanks to God I did




To 2014 thanks For being Kind to me …2015 kindly open more doors for me I need to receive bigger blessings

Cheers to 2015


It’s yet again that season of festivities known as Christmas.

I don’t know what Christmas means to you either joy, celebration mood, happiness BUT for me I look back at it with nostalgia. The reason I say this is because December my holidays are filled with anniversaries to commemorate the passing our dear family members. My grandpa (1927-2011) and Uncle Sam (1952-2004) RIP all.
I reflect the conversation I had with my grandpa. During my holidays when we closed university for holidays two or three weeks I used to travel to countryside. You would eagerly ask me, How is Nairobi? Has it rained? How my school was. Which granny would ask that id he doesn’t know the importance of education? At times you would tell me when you left the city Nairobi and Mlolongo were two different cities apart but you would guess that the buildings have sprouted up along the highway to look like an extension of the city centre.
In my first, second and third year, you would clearly see and identify my voice and greet me excitedly with a warm welcome. Fear gripped me in my final year when I noticed u were not able to see me, appreciate the nature, walk to and from the nearby market you liked to go daily instead you spent most of your time in bed. It dawned on me that you are on your twilight days. When I was at your bed side you no longer recognized me as your eldest granddaughter. How sad..the way you were concerned about my school you never saw me graduate  on my most important day 20th August 2011.( This I promise was written one year later in marking my first anniversary after I graduated)
By the time I cleared with schoolwork December 2010,I looked forward to seeing you over the holidays to see how you were fairing . I celebrated Christmas in the city and vowed to myself New Year I will be with you and the extended family together. When I heard of your sickness on 23rd Dec 2010 I got scared. I asked God so many questions, why we will be nursing a sick person admitted in hospital when everyone else was in festive mood. December 25th we celebrated with the family in Nairobi. It was a big celebration and I worked tirelessly to see success of the get together.
The dawn of 26th Dec I called mum and said that you were fine. I was missing everyone at home and the thought of you being in hospital bed drove me insane.

On 27th December the city could no longer accommodate me. I was restless, packed my bags and off to see grandpa in the hospital where he was admitted. My instinct and conscience was telling me I go to hospital.
When I got to the hospital I was speechless. I watched you as you lay in bed speechless, helpless wondering what I could do to make you feel better. My cousin who lived in the hospital used to bring you uji every break time. I cleaned your hospital drawer in the hope when you wake up ,you will find the place cleaner with the stuff that I had brought for you. How wrong I was. It was amazing how time passed so fast that at 2pm the nurse on duty requested us to leave the ward.
I stared at you passed the nurse and off I walked out to the hospital benches.I contemplated sitting there till 4pm but dad advised me to leave with hope to see you the following day. Three days you lay in the hospital bed.
On 30th December 2011,you left us with an indelible mark . you left behind three wives,17 children and 54 grand children. Your funeral was one of the largest crowd we had ever seen. The compound even became smaller. Everyone was amused and of only you could wake up and see the crowd for sure you would have been pleased of your sons and daughters.
My most trying moment was when I was handed over the microphone to say my tribute to you. I could not talk but with my other cousins we sang a song
In memory with you this is a poem we wrote for you with cousin Purity.

The days that we have shared,
Near and far apart,
The time that we dined together,
Your wise words and your hearty laugh,
That always brightened a dull day.

Your scorn that wouldn’t go unnoticed,
Getting one on the right path when lost,
The comfort that you gave us
With your ever welcoming spirit and your guiding hand
Always leading us to a safe bode,
And assuring each one of us your presence.

These and many more,
Will live with us and in us
Though you are gone our dearest
Your sweet memories, wise words,
Will keep us going all the way,
Trying to finish what you started
Sticking together as a family
And being there for one another
For that grandpa would be your wish,
You will truly be missed.
Rest with Angels till we meet again

Its been two years and truly the void you left is still in our hearts.
I hope we meet soon granny.

The accident-how I survived

Of late,A few of my friends have come across this message from my social networks
‘BIG Thank you to u all my family, ma pals & colleagues at work for your concern and support endless calls, visits & messages to check on my progress after the accident. My God loves me so big.

I’m a living example that miracles still happen to-date. May His favor be upon you all.’
This has been my song since 21st March, 2012 when I had an accident in town.
We are all happy about the newly constructed Thika superhighway lest we are careful, with the same Kenyan drivers then it’s a pity that precious lives will continue to be lost.
It was a Wednesday like any other day and I woke up, prepared myself to go to work.
Since the super highway was opened I only need 15-20minutes to be in town. I went to stage took PSV to town. By 10 minutes to 8am I was in town.
There was a jam from Ngara and the Matatu decided to drop us there so we alighted.
I was feeling energetic, decided to walk because the flyover was closed and no vehicle was allowed to pass from Ngara to town leaving only vehicles from town to use it. We walked as a group towards town.
As I approached Meridian Hotel i wanted to cross .I checked from town to confirm no vehicle was coming but Alas, a car hit me from sides of Ngara. I felt my world come to an end. I saw a blackout, it was traumatic experience .In a fraction of few seconds, there was a small crowd gathering watching and pitying me for what had happened.
I had been hit by a personal car, thrown to bumper, hit the windscreen with my head, my hands, legs, knees were bleeding because of bruises sustained .My left hand shoe was thrown far away, there I lay at the ground speechless and motionless. A Good Samaritan from the crowd named Geoffrey came to my rescue. The first words were to tell the driver of the car to take me to hospital and it turned out to be Mater Hospital.
He took care of my personal things; my bag not a thing was lost. The distance to the hospital was the longest I ever had in my life. I was crying bitterly, and hate towards the lady who hit me, only that I was not in a position to talk. He asked me where my phone was reached for it called my relatives informed them of the incident . I got to Mater casualty,
I was given first aid for the injuries sustained and done scan for my head that was terribly aching. I thank my God no brain injuries sustained, I nursed severe headache for three days and I was relieved. I was not admitted, was told to go home and have one week bed rest.
My peak was at the rate which my family, friends, my colleagues at work; my bosses were so much concerned and rushed to check me. Some had to call me everyday to check how I was fairing, sending sms and visits. I was very happy and I recovered very well in one and half week I was back to work very energetic.
It has been more than three weeks now, I am recovering well the scars are healing pretty fast when I look at them they remind me how my God loves me, I still got life to live, he has given me chance to review, revisit my life and live according to his purpose. Yes I have got so much to share with the world before he calls me home to rest.
I have learnt not to be angry to anyone even those who never checked on me,infact am happy and I know for real my parents are there for me. My dad had to travel from far to come and see me before anyone else.
To the lady who hit me Hellen,thank you for not running, accepting you did a mistake, taking the courage after hitting me to drive me all the way to the hospital, paying my bills, checking on my progress, accompanying me to write police statements. Oh! I have to thank DTO-police headquarters Wanjala you are lovely and charming person thank you for helping me get through this, your assistance was highly appreciated.
Hellen this is to let you know from the bottom of my heart I have forgiven you, everyone does a mistake. I only wanted my health back, peace of mind and ability to work as I did before which I did. I know you can never pay me enough for what you did to me as I can not pay my God who protected me that time and saying thank you is infact understatement.
I have left this to God, I don’t want any single cent from you,and my health is back am happy for that.

Oh and I forgot to tell you I have a neighbor who had accident like me. She was not badly injured instead of being grateful she went for money, built a shop which was doing well until one day, when fate happened that everything she had totally burnt up to today she is still recovering. Why do I tell you this? I know the God we serve is JUST TO ALL..


in life no matter what we go through there are lessons that are better learnt throgh experience. These words struck me as i read them cant remember the source but its worth your time

1. Don’t compare your life to others’. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
2. Don’t have negative thoughts of things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment
3. Don’t over do; keep your limits
4. Don’t take yourself so seriously; no one else does
5. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip
6. Dream more while you are awake
7. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need..
8. Forget issues of the past. Don’t remind your partner of his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
9. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don’t hate others.
10. Make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present
11. No one is in charge of your happiness except you
12. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
13. Smile and laugh more
14. You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.


15. Call your family often
16. Each day give something good to others
17. Forgive everyone for everything
18. Spend time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6
19. Try to make at least three people smile each day
20. What other people think of you is none of your business
21. Your job will not take care of you when you are sick. Your family and friends will. Stay in touch.


22. Put GOD first in anything and everything that you think, say and do.
23. GOD heals everything
24. Do the right things
25. However good or bad a situation is, it will change
26. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up
27. The best is yet to come
28. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful
29. When you awake alive in the morning, thank GOD for it
30. If you know GOD you will always be happy. So, be happy.

*Cant remember the source but its worth reading*